Comments on "Six Fingers"

Vigge Thursday, May 20 2010, 16:16

I remember reading some article which mentioned these doors and the (Finnish) artist specifically. I don’t remember any other explanation than “art”.

Since I will forget about it anyway otherwise I should mention I plan to visit the capital somewhen between now and 11.6 (when I start working). My plans are still a bit unclear and my finances a bit Greek though.

Manne Tuesday, May 25 2010, 00:03

I’d have thought the explanation would be more along the line “humor” than “art”… maybe it was just covered up as “art.”

I’m more or less gone until 4.6. but ping me when you are in town!

here be dragons Thursday, July 01 2010, 23:21

that is strange. and what do the signs above mean? no men in suits? no little black boxes?

Manne Tuesday, July 20 2010, 12:44

Don’t know what the box means, but the second one obviously means that the restaurant is forbidden for invisible men wearing trench coats.