by Manne

With two friends, I visited Ukraine last month to do a tour of Chernobyl (or Chornobyl, or Czernobyl, depending on your transliteration). It is a trip that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and immediately invited myself along when I heard of Fil and Lucas doing it. (Cheers guys!) It was quite a surreal experience.

In the coming days, I’m posting a few pictures from that trip. This first shot is from the roof of Hotel Polissja in Pripyat. In the horizon you can see the infamous power plant itself. The blown-up reactor four—now covered by the notorious sarcophagus—is immediately to the right of the chimney.

I’m glad I got this shot. The only downside of the tour was that it was a bit rushed, and when taking this the rest of the tour group was already in the van, honking at us to come back down.

The story of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is familiar to most, I’m sure. For the rest of us, there’s naturally a Wikipedia page about it.